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The day I will live to remember was when I failed to attend my aunt’s wedding.

The atmosphere that day was quite enjoyable with a beautiful look. Through my bed room window I could see those marvellous creatures swinging in the air. The birds hanged upon the air, silence reigned over the atmosphere as I stirred at the sky.

Out of the blue, the door was flung open, the sudden opening of the door started. I quickly dashed down stairs. It is the Saturday I will live to remember of the plans we had made to leave home for my aunt wedding ceremony in Kampala. With thin luck Jolly my English teacher asked my dad not to allow me go for that weeding. She was a hard nut to deal with, my dad tried to explain to her, but in vain she had an English seminar for her students and whoever missed it had to look for another school. By saying so, my mum never allowed me to smell the exit gate to the right turn Didas our family driver by the time they were departing, tears over rolled down from my eye.

When evening came to pass, I uttered no word neither made any step but I was in a doze and I did not know what to do, but this would not be a stumbling block, being as abstinent as a mule. I broke the silence by singing little song that I knew so as to be happier.

I would miss the picnic, and I tried to calm down myself. I was tormented waiting for morning, my mind ranked on how best to go for picnic. This all appeared wondrous in the air .the day I will live to remember.




My future plan is to become an accountant because working in a bank is very important since you can get a lot of money of which can satisfy basic needs.

I will open up a good business for my parents and construct for them a nice house because from now they are still sleeping in useless hut.

I will start a wholesale business like for my uncle who has a shop full of things and I will give the money to my parents who are poor.

I want to produce only four children of which I can take care of and I can satisfy their need and send them to good schools so that they become like their mother.

I will take care of my parents if I get a good job and provide them with everything so that they do not depend on digging only.




The unforgettable day in my life was when I lost my dad who was accidently bitten by a snake. He was a peasant farmer. With all these at hand I lost my confident and hope in studies because there was no one to pay my school fees.

Through God’s favour I stayed calmed and later on I heard some information from a friend about an organisation called Girls Education Movement Uganda [GEM] who were paying school fees for girls in Oyam District.

I applied and submitted my application and by good luck my application was put under positive consideration. This opportunity brought back my lost hope and I was so happy and thanked God for helping a poor girl like me.

Unfortunately, the members of GEM came up to our home and they did not get me at home because I was still in the garden digging since we support ourselves as orphans through agriculture. But I was shocked on hearing that they are no longer coming back and I had missed this opportunity from GEM and I lost total hope for studies but to my surprise I found myself at school by the support from my poor mother and I could not believe that she could afford to get some money for my school fees.






The day I will never forget is when I got a good friend at school. Her name is called Okoi Winny. She is 13 years old and we are in the same class. She is a slim and smart girl. She is not only an intelligent girl but also a hard working girl. She always stand first or second in the class. She is good at English and Maths. Being an intelligent and obedient girl, she has become the favourite student of all the teachers.

Their house is not very far from ours. So after work I go to their home and we do our homework together whenever I get any difficultly, she explains to me helps me in calculating maths.

Winny being the first born her parents takes keen interest in her studies so that she shows a good example to her siblings when she perform well at school. They always advise us to be respectful to both our teachers and elders. We believe in hard work because you will never go unrewarded.

Winny’s parents wants her to become a nurse. Because of Winny, I have made good progress in my studies and I consider myself very lucky for having a good friend like Winny.




The unforgettable day in my life is when me and my friend Jennifer were going back home because the H/M had sent us home to go and bring the remaining fees balance at around 2:00pm.on our way I saw something on the road side and I told Jennifer that what is that thing lying there? I also do not know she answered and said may be its something harmful to our lives.

We were very afraid and full of fears but I decided to pick it up. Joan, why do you want to bring problem to us know? my friend Jennifer quoted and continued that  One day you will  be in hot soup remember to look before you leap and she answered her that why do you want to be a wet blanket all the time Jennifer and on picking it up she found that it was a purse containing a very big sum of money.

Immediately we opened it, we tended not to let the cat out of the bag because nobody had seen it but it was a very interesting and a skeleton in a cupboard. We never proceeded with our journey because we thought people would robe us on the way if they knew about it and as such, we decided to divide it between ourselves but before this plan I had an eagle eye on how we are going to divide the money because I was the one who saw the purse and I had to seek the leaf out of one’s book and get more than her that fall out between us. I told my friend kindly not to make a mountain out of a mole hale but she was tending to be a dark horse, cool down my friend, is that what can even make you fight and stand on one’s own leg? She resumed her mood at a normal position.

On the next day we sat down with my friend Jennifer and we decided to go and shop with this money that we had got. We started our journey but on our way we met a gang of boys sited near the bridge on the main road. “stop! Where are you going? Give us all the money you have” they commanded us and I said we do not any have money and on hearing that, one person slapped me from my back with a panga and I fell down in the flood which was beside me then further more they started checking our pockets and all our clothes were removed but you know what! We had known ourselves and dressed on a skin tight and putting the money in side our buttocks and if not carefully seen, it cannot be known because of the skin. After they had beaten us twenty five strokes each, they then told us to continue with our journey.

We then reached the market and bought very many things and we were very happy .we went back home and people wanted to know how we made both ends meet but all was our gift from God.

Although we came back successfully, I still remember the time I was slapped as my red latter day that I will never forget.





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