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It was a silly Saturday morning in 2010 S.1 in Rachael secondary school when I left my cosy bed to run into the class room to revise because it was a weekend but no sooner had I begun to revise than I received a message that the H/M was calling me in his office and as I hurried into his office, I took a glance at my best friend Stella and we exchanged smiles.

In the headmasters office his struggle to get the right words made me smell danger but I could not point a finger at the exact danger and as I was struggling to point it out he gave me permission to go home. When I reached at home, I was welcomed by the sight of a sea of people but I took the bull by the horn and paraded towards people when my sisters stared at me, they all burst into tears holding me and told me that our brother was dead, on hearing that I felt like vanishing and I fainted ,when I came back to my senses I could not hold back my tears and at the eleventh hour when they were taking him into the grave my mummy again fell down and she was unconscious the doctor and said that she had  high blood pressure. He also said she would be unable to talk, paralysed and unable to do everything for herself for many of years and that was the worst news we had because since then we have never seen our beloved mother able like she was before and we miss a lot because of that we did not only loose our brother but also lost some part of our mother.




The constant rumbling and frequent sparks of lightening woke me up from my peaceful slumber while at school went towards our dormitory portal and led myself out. The ambiance was so misty but all that did not stop me for my down preps, I went back in to the dormitory and prepared myself, put on my uniform  and rushed towards the  class for morning classes and after , I continued with the normal lesson. When I had attended the first lesson, I saw the head teacher coming towards our classroom looking for fees defaulters and I was among those who had not yet paid the fees and he started calling the names of the fees defaulters and I also had my name being called and yet I was remaining with only two days to start UNEB examination since I was a form four candidate.

At the time they gave me permission, the watchman and the H/M cashed me out of the school with a lot of force and I stood outside at the gate totally and completely confused while thinking critically deep about the transport money since our home was very far from the school and my parents are very poor. I cried and cried and I decided to stay around the school fence while revising my two books but sometimes I could go to town to reduce stress. On my way to town, I usually stay around the golf course near lira airfield.

It was already Friday, 12th Nov 2013 and we were beginning our Exams on Monday 15thNov 2013 when some men came and tried to rape me and I cried while making alarm but no one came to my rescue but luckily enough they took off after seeing some people coming around.

I called my parents and they sent me some money to complete the remaining fees balance and I started my Exams on Monday with the rest of the candidates. On my way to the classroom i fell down and injured my waist and up to now I still feel the pain and it made me not to perform well.

This remains the day I will never forget in my life.




This was the day when the News broke over the radios and Newspapers that the Ministry of education and Sport had released the UNEB results. People started sending messages on their phones to see the results, my heart was pumping seriously when my uncle asked for my index number. He entered the index and immediately the results came and I had goten aggregate seventeen.

I went and checked my name from Atapara S.S which was my first choice and really it was there but unfortunately my uncle who pays my fees said there was no money and I had to wait for him and he also added that I wait for another year.

Then later he gave me fees meaning that I would be late reporting to school . As if that was not enough again there was a maths teacher whom I was very closed to and what happened was that I went to him with my paper so that he can do for me some corrections but then he started asking me some funny questions and something came into mind that I started smelling a rat and I decided to go leaving my paper with him and I did not go back to him anymore and he realised that I had known his plans of making me his girl lover then I started fearing him so much and he started back to me by himself because I had reported the issue to our senior woman teacher.

This is the day I will never forget and I recommend that if you are a girl, you must be ready for everything bad that comes your ways.




They are as follows:


 I am from a poor family and this makes paying my school fees very difficult because my parents do not have enough money and as such I doubt whether I will not drop out of school because of luck of money for fees.

As a girl, I always feel uncomfortable among my friends because I luck very many basic things that would make me study well for example pads, pens, books, etc. and this makes me feel very bad and not want to go to school hence dropping out of school.

Early involvement into sexual activities:

Most of the boys disturb me and when I accept I may get pregnant and this would led to early married being supported by my parents then I come a child mother with its associated problems.

Bad peer group:

Joining bad peer groups are dangerous for me who is still studying. These groups can teach you bad behaviour and I can become an in disciplined girl there after being expelled from school because of indiscipline cases.




Being a girl, I have to face a number of challenges in life but much as these challenges are burdens to me to carry, it does not mean that I should take risks.

To begin with, I am forced to marry while I am still young by my parents and relatives so that they get some wealth out of that. They always deny me access to education because my parents are illiterate and lack the knowledge of knowing the benefit of educating a girl child.

More so, defilement as also made the lives of girl child very difficult, we are always defiled and raped by some people without our interest and this sometimes lead to early pregnancy hence dropping out of school.

To add on to that, the fact my parents are very poor which makes them not to provide me with some requirements like me not having this, it makes my life very difficult among my fellow friends.

To conclude with, there is poor support towards girl child education as most of the people do not consider them to be educated more than boys because they believe that girls do not help family so much than the boys do, this is because they think that when the girls grow old, they will get married and leave their home and go and help the family that she has been married to.




A future plan is an idea or arrangement of doing something  that will come out at a specific time for instance opening a business premises, buying a piece of land, helping the needy people, and the number of children to give birth a normal human being leaving in this world of challenges, I have my future as follows:

To be an educated person. This is the state of having studied and learned a lot of things. I would really love to be one of the most educated woman in our country.

Achieving my goal of being a doctor so that I can have enough knowledge medically because I hate seeing people suffering from serious illness but I love to see them having peace and happiness.

Building better houses for my parents and improve on their wellbeing. This is because they would have contributed a lot towards my education to an extend of working naked because all the money has been used to pay my school fees.

To give one tenth of my salary to God for his mercy that will have made me finish my studies successfully and I will continue worshiping him.

Since I have a goal concerned with health, my main plan is to be organizing talk shows on family health and sanitation on various Radio stations, Televisions in Uganda and all over the world.

I will emphasise that there is peace and stability through press writing in Newspapers.

I want to construct pharmacies. I have a plan of building at least three pharmacies in Uganda that is one in Kampala City, one in lira Town and the last one on Gulu Town.

I want to buy a piece of land like this field I will introduce poultry farming, growing of crops on a large scale as well as planting flowers and trees such that when they mature can act a source of income.

Building a nursing training school such that young men and women are trained to provide medical services.

As a normal human being I have a plan of creating employment opportunities through investments that I will put in place hence improving on their standard of living. Therefore all normal persons should have positive plan and goals that are achievable

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