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In Uganda today there are very many problem girls are facing as can be seen below:

First of all let me talk of culture, most of our girls are facing the problem because they were being used as a source of wealth in the family

Secondly boys who claim to love is also one of the reason leading to girls getting involved into love affair with rich men so that they can get basic needs like pads ,expensive clothes etc.

In addition parent’s attitude, forced marriage and there are other parents who force their daughters to go for early marriage hence leading to death during giving birth.

Furthermore menstruation period is one of the challenges that I face. This is because when I started it in primary I use to fear my friends and in most cases I would not go to school when I am menstruating because I thought my friends would laugh at me.

Finally hard work at home .most of the responsibilities at home are taken by me and this headship cannot make me read my books during holidays because I have to do everything at home.

As I conclude I pray to God to grant my request of these challenges so that they bring for us an organization like WASO who can help me as I am still young to comfort me in my education and I will be pleased.




Firstly in my future, I have a plan to become a is because teachers teaches children and they become responsible people for instance lawyers, journalists, doctors and accountants

It’s due to their hard work that make students to pass with flying colours and adding on the efforts given by parents.

They perform their duties to teach students and pupils socially, spiritually and culturally which are very important in our day to day lives. Though they are said to be the second teachers after parents they also work very hard to widen the brains of the children who are newly brought to school.

When students failed, they are looked at and when students pass they are highly praised and respected and they move with their heads high because it is always their pride.

I really like standing before people to address them and teachers are my role model in his world so the deserve to be thanked most case it is through teachers where we get doctors who help us medically and lawyers who judge in high courts, so they are such a wonderful people that I will ever love and admire in my whole life

So I really plan to become a teacher in future.




A business is any economic activity done expecting to get profit.

My business idea is that I want to start a particular organisation and this I mean the keeping of bees in a large scale for honey production.

I want the name of my organisation to be called MONICA’S company and I will put it in a large land and also buy some land from people. I will also rent a house in town where there are many people and there is high demand for honey.

I will also be communicating with other business people outside so that I can export my honey to other countries and selling to industries that deal with the production of shoes cream made out of bee comb and also smearing oil.

I would like to start my business during my O’ level vacation.

To start I will borrow from my parents and friends as a soft loan.

My main mission for starting this business is to improve on the health status of the community as honey is used as local drugs and my main objective and goal is to have a better standard of living and also help my parents, relatives, orphans, and others.

I am working hard to see that I put all these into practice and I will also employ some people to help me run my business well.

I know I will make all these if God allows.




I am facing a problem of denied education a case in point here is that when I ask for fees my parents to pay my school fees in time ,they tell me even if they pay my fees in full amount ,I would just be wasting their money which they would have used for doing other things.

Furthermore, I am also facing a problem of denied right to do some other things like a girl for example, I am not allowed to talk or be closely to my fellow friends when I am at home.

Mere so I have a problem of being under fed where my parents give me little food that cannot be enough for me.

Not only that, as a girl am also facing a problem of forced marriage where by my parents always forces me to just get married since am now growing and yet I have not yet achieved my goals in life.

As if that one is not enough, am also facing a problem of being over loaded with domestic work whereby I do not have enough time for books.

Finally I am facing a problem of having so many responsibilities where they leave me at home very early in the morning with the children and they come back very late making me very tied and with a lot of stress.




The followings are the challenges that am facing as a girl:

I am facing a problem of denied education and to add on that whenever I am at home during holidays my parents always tells me that I should just leave studies because am just wasting their money which they are supposed to buy other things than to pay for my school fees.

I have a problem of server punishment at home where by my parents always give too much work to do and this leaves me to get stress .

I also have a problem of medical neglect where am always denied medical treatment whenever I am sick and weak among others

My parents give me little food which is always not enough for me and most of the time I am hunger which makes me not to have energy to read my books during holidays.

My parents do not allow me to have friends and play with my neighbours when am home for holidays.

My mother leave all the responsibilities at home on me and I am always very tired that I don’t concentrate in my books during holidays.




Firstly, busy parents. As a girl who is young and need help from the parents am facing this problem because for instance my mother pretend to be busy at the expense of not having time to guide me.

Furthermore ,the challenge of denied education .this is a situation whereby in our home they say that studies is only  for  boys and that girls an waste people’s money but to me girls can do what boys can do .

Not only that, force marriage. There is also a situation whereby when you go back home for holidays you find that they have married a girl of your age the entire community can start saying that you are passing your marriage period.

More so denied God. This is where parents can refuse you to go for the service that you are going to attend in the church that you are only going for boys and yet it is good for us to attend service in the church.

On the other hand, medical care is yet another issue .this is when you are sick a parent cannot help and even the bible do not allow us to do so .




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