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FICH exists to transform youth and women through sustainable opportunities and descent work in a thriving community.






I kept on turning on my bed, it was some really strange when my little sister was dream talking and the whole house was at still and even my father was snoring in their bedroom just as I was getting my dose of sleep I heard a voice coming from outside. They were whispering as if they were plotting for an important mission. I heard the sound of gumboot like footsteps coming out of the bush at our backyard.

“Just bang the dem thing” I heard a ruthless command I  knew there was something coming ahead , my heart was now pounding so hard that I felt it could jump out anytime and I could hear my heart beats as though it was a tom tom drum being beaten. It’s then that someone was rapturously knocking the door and I was the only one awake then later my elder sister Jackie Akello woke up.

‘’who is that knocking? She inquired and the reply was a sudden breaking down of our poorly structured door and then a swarm of six gigantic, dark men stepped in. Everyone including my grandmother, father, mother and all my young siblings were awake. It was so tense a situation that no one could afford shouting. It was then that one of the men whose hair was dread locked stormed into my parent’s room and dragged the to our room ,the men so dark, wiry ,stunted voices as roaring as those of a lion’s stood in front of us ,observing from the youngest to the eldest of course who happened to be grandmother. Grandy as we call her, could not hold any longer but began to short call in her games and crying for mercy.

God what shall I do? I mourned it then that the little voice in me directed me inside a dark thicket where I sat down breathless and restless. I did not think about the wild beast in the bush but I sat my mind flashed back to the sight of my grandmother’s faeces as she was flagged, the flood of my father and mother’s blood and the fierce face of my once sweet brother. Everything was still vivid, I imagined what would come out of the home, I could not imagined what would come out of our home, and I could not imagine my life as a destitute orphan.




A member of parliament is a person entrusted by a particular constituency as a representative. She is democratically elected by the majority of the my struggle as a woman member of parliament I would do things like forming mother’s union , opening projects, giving loans, supporting girl child education ,encouraging family planning ,putting laws against early marriage , fighting corruption ,protecting women’s’ rights among others and to explain more am elaborating on them like this:

Mothers union refers to the union of many people especially women gathering together to discuss about some challenges faced in their families. If I were a member of parliament, I would encourage mother’s union to enable them discuss a number of things for example how to control their family size, supporting girl education among others. This would encourage them to vote for in the next campaign.

The next thing is opening projects like piggery, planting crops, poultry keeping among others this would provide them with income which would satisfy their basic needs and supporting girl child education hence encouraging them to vote for me.

Giving loans it would their standard of living and would help them start small businesses like opening hotel fermenting alcohol and so forth this would support their welfare and pay fees for their children would also give my personal money as an MP for the women and girls in my area.

In supporting girl child education I would provide them with pads ,knickers , forming a guiding organisation like cultural dance which would help the to be united or I would form my own organisation as an MP.

EARLY marriage is marriage before leads to over population brings problem of inadequate parental care and guidance. I would also restrict and put laws on early marriage and this would enable me to get more votes in the next anniversary.

My next view would be against corruption, this would mean misuse of public funds like bribery, embezzlement among others if I were an MP I would arrest, imprison and demote all the corrupt officials. This would help to reduce the increasing rate of corruption.

Furthermore I would protect the rights of women especially widows who are disturbed by relatives of the dead husband about land.

In conclusion therefore, the above are the things I would do for the girls and women in my constituency if I were a member of parliament.




The unforgettable day in my life was on the 26th February 2004 on Wednesday when my grandfather died was in primary four by then when my uncle came and took me home on hearing the News almost run mad that I lough instead of crying .on entering the room where he was laid in his coffin ,I felt so bad and went behind the kitchen where we would sit listening to his stories could not help crying and I thought that crying would solve my problem but it was useless and I wandered how life would be without him because he would pay my school fees and my dad at the university for the remaining g year .infect I felt like I was carrying the whole world on my head because I loved him even more than I love myself never knew I would miss him forever till we meet again in heaven on the judgement day.

Finally I thanked God for making me reach S.2 however paying fees is still a tag of war and that day taught me that the world can turn you round and I realise that we can still survive even after the death of our dear ones.




Challenges are problems faced by a girl child the challenges I face are early marriage, defilement, denying access to education, rape, menstrual pain, poverty, abortion torture among others.

Early marriage is when a girl is faced to get marriage in her teenage

Defilement is when girls are being forced to play sex without their consent by their uncles or their male cousins leading to teenage pregnancy.

Denying access to education, some parents deny their daughter from studies and yet if a women is educated the whole world is educated.

Menstrual pain is when girls find difficulties as a result of too much pain during their menstruation period.

Torture, some girls are being tortured by boys since they luck guidance and counselling

Bad peer pressure where by you join bad group and end up into non-stop torture. 

Girls are being laughed at by boys mostly in mixed schools. If boys realised that her cloth is being stained with blood without her notice.

Stress is the great problem facing girls when they lack pads, knickers among others.

Rape is when girls are abused sexually by force resulting into early pregnancy or being infected with ADIS.

Diseases has been a problem faced by most girls when they are defiled or raped.

Starvation is when a girl is being starved of hunger as she lucks what to eat since has been neglected

In conclusion therefor the challenges being by a girl child are above mentioned and my future is to be an accountant.




Challenges are problems or difficulties faced by me as a girl child and they are as follows:

Domestic works. There are various domestic work which include collecting fire wood ,mopping houses ,garden work etc. which affects academically in this way I always go with my mum to the garden to dig and on coming back ,I must prepare meals for the family member ,collect water and at times in the afternoon going back to the garden of which in this situation ,I do not get time to read my books and as such on returning back to school balancing my subjects in exams becomes a problem.

Lack of appreciation from my parents. However much as I work, my mum does not appreciate at all. This makes me feel so bad and lazy to do the work.

Segregation by my parents among children, from my home value boys than girls. Girls then are taken just as so mere and if it comes to paying fees, boys are always paid first and this gives me a lot of stress and hard time.

Inadequate provision of basic needs. I always a challenge of acquiring basic needs like pads and scholastic materials, of which when I am at school it makes me worry and affects me in class.

In conclusion these are the challenges faced by me as a girl child i.e. domestic work, segregation, inadequate provision of basic needs.




As a result of being beautiful, I attract many male persons that gives me stress.

As a girl, I need very many things like pads, books, pens, sugar, soap, nickers etc. and if they are not provided sometimes I am forced to go for early marriage which can led to death.

I can face adolescence problem like menstruation pain

There is also the problem of poverty which makes me go for sugar daddy who can give money and later may make me get HIV/AIDS and STDs.

Peer pressure is also a problem that I am facing as a girl.

Having a relationship with a boy can also give me stress as a girl

Lack of pocket money which can make me not read my books and hence leading to poor performance

Lack of parental care and guidance from my parents therefor leading to early pregnancy.




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