Basing on the original concept of FICH Education program idea, we work with education departments and key stakeholders at local and national levels and with development partners to serve young people through formal and informal education. FICH initiative is to strengthen good practices. The fundamental base for FICH programs combines concept, research, and practice. The essential knowledge are derives from the usual environment that can best be understood within the context of “Experimentation”. It is from this background that FICH has partnered with district and other development partners to assess learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy among children age 6-16 years in order to focus public attention and stimulate action towards leaning of children. FICH education program responds to the needs of conflict-affected children and youth through opportunities to obtain second-chance education and job skills training to comprehend the understanding of future generation. Through education program, FICH promote the 5D CYCLE, a powerful development tool that enables young people to; Discover who they are, Dream about what they want to become, Design ways of achieving those dreams and Develop key skills that can lead them to rewarding Destiny. The students learn key skills like self-discovery, confidence, financial literacy, communication, goal setting and critical thinking. Acquiring these skills will brings a paradigm shift that will reframe the girl’s thinking to articulate priorities and generate collective actions to take charge of their destinies and at the same time improve their communities.