Being a grassroots vibrant youth led organization in implementing community driven programs, FICH has been participating and identified by local and international partners to be involved in different programs interventions, for example, participating in United Nations convergence YEE working group to develop the regional Youth Engagement and Employment (YEE) and Gender framework in 2015, FICH was also identified by African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) to participate and attend Site of Conscience Global Gathering with the theme, “Re-Envisioning Historic Sites of Slavery in the 21st Century” that took place in Goree Island in Dakar, Senegal in June, therefore this shows good progress and possible collaboration with potential partners met during these gatherings. We believe these participations in national and regional network will open opportunities for Foundation for Inclusive Community Help.

Foundation for Inclusive Community Help has been privilege to be visited by many national and international organizations to learn about our programs and impacts in communities. Among the organizations were, Embassy of Sweden in Kampala that visited groups of Soya Flour project and Cooking Stove project in Iceme Sub County and also individual persons engage in businesses, OXFAM working in Uganda assessed FICH on women economic activities and gave a chance for FICH to participate and present best practices and obstacles during countrywide report validation meeting in Kampala in March 2016.