FICH has improved amazingly in management and governance of its program activities through staff and board capacity enhancements. First and foremost, FICH management and board are developing and strengthening ethical method of planning, fundraising, human resource development and financial management manuals/policies and mechanism of tracking performance that will help streamline the functions and operations of the organization. Through Organizational Development consultant supported by Global Fund for Children, FICH received holistic support in organization development areas which has helped to understand areas of improvements and strengths.

In addition there are skills and knowledge gained from training and mentorship supported by Global Fund for Children and International Labour Organization through development training, email conversation, face to face interaction/orientation with these donors. These have built leadership skills, implementation commitment, and participation in organizational development. Since then, the level of efforts and seriousness in analyzing and rethinking existing and new program opportunities has extensively increased.

While the program have trained staff and volunteers who have a "flexibility" mentality, FICH has continued spending significant amount of time thinking, articulating and trying to meet roles and expectations for the programs relationship and results. New volunteers/mentors are always introduced to principles of the organization and encouraged to build more experiences on beneficiaries' strengths rather than "fixing" their problems so they can see their own roles in this larger context. To a large extend, this has been successful model of retaining and keeping staff and volunteers expectations alive.