Beside the commitments and initiatives of the Government of Uganda through the line Ministry of Education and sports and other line ministries to introduce Universal Secondary Education (USE), only 25 percent of girls has been reportedly enrolled in secondary school in 2011 according to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) statistical abstract 2013. In the same way, in partnership with the Government of Uganda many local, national and international organizations attempt to create opportunities for girls’ education in Northern Uganda to reduce the effects of Lord Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency which took more than two decades, there are still huge gaps in girls’ education within the region and these are forceful marriage, risky sexual behaviors, lack of confident due to poor childhood development, divorce or death of parents, community ignorance about girls’ child rights, poor school management system, poor health environment in school, lack of teachers’ commitment to teach among others.

To bond these gaps Fight to Improve Community Health (FICH) innovatively tailored educational programmes targeting Conflict Affected Girls who are in secondary schools and those dropped out of schools.