Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH) is a vibrant grassroot youth led social enterprise and non-governmental organization that was incooperated and registered at Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) in 2010 as a not-for-profit. FICH is also registered as Community Based Organization and NGO at the District and National Registrations Board for Non-Government Organization respectively.
FICH was established with the need to see the full participation of youth and community in the fight against economic, educational, environmental and health related threats and challenges. This, its anticipated can be achieved by carrying out mobilization, sensitization, conducting research, providing support to quality education and initiating livelihood projects, providing disability prevention services, provision of technical skills and trainings, providing business mentorship & counselling, promoting job creation among young people in the community.


The implementation of programs and partnerships has equipped FICH staff and management to create a clear and compelling vision of how the organization should operate in order to strengthen programs implementation and facilitate the empowerment of beneficiaries. It is continuously helping FICH to clearly define goals, expectations, and deliverables to address issues surrounding thematic areas. 

As a results of defining clear vision and mission, FICH went through Organizational Development process with Arise Consult and Research Associates consultants facilitated by Global Fund for Children and supported FICH in rebranding itself to a compelling and competitive edge to serve children, youth and women in a thriving community as deem. FICH formally defined as “Fight to Improve Community Health” was rebranded to current name “Foundation for Inclusive Community Help” in the year 2016. This has been a great experience and change which we at FICH desired to make. This change has not only applied to name but also in redefining vision, mission, logo, strategic objectives and core values.

Regular visit and discussion with stakeholders of the program and those implementing similar intervention, local government authorities and community leaders has helped FICH to sensitize and create awareness to lobby and advocate for different programs intervention in the region. This also helped to explore the kind of approaches to be exploited to expand the implementation of the programs, and as a result, FICH has become visible because of successful registration of programs impact

Our Vision
A generation of healthy, innovative, productive and self-reliant youth and women

Our Mission
FICH exists to transform youth and women through sustainable opportunities and descent work in a thriving community
Our Values guiding principle

  • Inclusiveness: We work with every single person or group without exception to achieve desired goal.
  • Integrity: We believe that whatever we do, honesty and transparency are priority
  • Excellency: We work to promote quality performance and the culture of working passionately to one’s best capacity.
  • Voluntarism: FICH aims at promoting voluntary efforts for the benefit of organizational audience.
  • Teamwork: As FICH, we believe that working collaboratively and understanding each other is key to achieving desired goal.

Strategic Objectives:

  • To promote sustainable economic growth that provide decent employment for vulnerable people.
  • To promote healthy lives for good well-being of vulnerable people in the community.
  • Conduct action oriented research and surveys to establish appropriate positive response programs. 
  • To strengthen organizational means of implementation and partnership for sustainable growth and programs management.


Beside the commitments and initiatives of the Government of Uganda through the line Ministry of Education and sports and other line ministries



Encourage parents/guidance to take responsibilities of paying schools fees including other school dues to retain their girls in schools


Support to conflict affected girls

Support to Conflict Affected Girls in & out of Secondary Schools is one of FICH’s Educational initiatives being supported by Global Fun.