Empowering Change: Help 150 Rural Ugandan Women Acquire Employment Skills


Welcome to our fundraising drive aimed at supporting the Karacel Bakery & Training Center, a women-owned and operated business in Northern Uganda. By contributing to this project, you will play a vital role in empowering over 150 rural Ugandan women with valuable employment skills, fostering personal growth, and driving positive change within their communities. Join us on this transformative journey as we create opportunities for women, promote gender equality, and enhance access to nutritious food options.


An Inclusive Approach to Empowerment At the heart of the Karacel Bakery & Training Center lies a holistic and inclusive approach that empowers women in every aspect of the business. The project begins by sourcing soya beans from local women farmers, supporting their economic independence and contribution to the supply chain. The women are then employed to produce flour, bake bread, and act as sales agents, acquiring essential job skills and becoming active participants in the business.

However, the impact doesn’t stop there. Karacel believes in reinvesting in the community and the development of women and girls. Sixty percent of the bakery’s profits are reinvested in the business to ensure sustainability, while the remaining 40% is dedicated to various development programs managed by the Foundation for International Community Help (FICH). This investment ensures that women and girls have access to comprehensive programs focusing on personal, professional, and educational development.

Long-Term Impact

Building Empowered Communities Your support for this fundraising drive will have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of these Ugandan women and their communities. By empowering women with employment skills, Karacel aims to create a society where confident, self-reliant, and productive women thrive. As these women continue to develop, they will become catalysts for change, employing others, promoting gender equality, and leading purposeful lives.

The long-term benefits extend beyond individual empowerment. With improved access to resources, women will be better equipped to support their families’ education and health needs. This, in turn, will contribute to enhanced community well-being, education standards, and greater gender equality. By empowering these women, we are creating a ripple effect that will uplift entire communities and foster sustainable growth.


Be the Catalyst for Change Now is the time to make a difference. By supporting the Karacel Bakery & Training Center, you are empowering rural Ugandan women to break the cycle of poverty and inequality. Your contribution will provide employment skills and foster personal growth and development, benefiting both the individuals involved and their communities.

Join us on this journey to build empowered communities, promote gender equality, and create a brighter future for these women and their families. Together, we can create lasting change, one empowered woman at a time.

Donate today and be the catalyst for change in the lives of 150 rural Ugandan women. Together, we can make a transformative impact and empower these women to build a better future for themselves and their communities.






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