Foundational Literacy and Numeracy

The daily experience of impossibly daunting school task and materials can harm a Childs efficacy and confidence. The FICH approach aims to build confidence by considering the Childs foundational skill level and providing challenging yet achievable task to help them progress.

Success in education begins at the foundation

In Uganda, 41.4% of children were not able to read syllables or words in local language, almost 18% were un able to recognize numbers, and 27 % were unable to solve any basic operations by grade 3 according to UWEZO Uganda National Household Assessment Report 2021.

We use an eveidence based approach that aims at improving the foundational skills of reading and mathematics for primary school children. Learning from Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) provides us with opportunity to assess and group children according to their learning levels , rather than their grade levels, and providing them with engaging and tailored instruction that matches their current abilities with teachers facilitating learning in a playful way.

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