Overview & Purpose

Foundation for Inclusive Community Help of Uganda (“FICH of Uganda”) is committed to respecting your privacy. This Privacy Notice describes how FICH of Uganda collects, uses, discloses, stores and otherwise processes information. In addition, this Privacy Notice states how you can control the collection, use, correction and deletion of your information. 
We urge you to read this Privacy Notice so that you understand our commitment to you and your privacy. 

Non-Personal Information 

We may also collect information that is related to you but that does not personally identify you (“Non-personal Information”). Non-personal Information also includes information that could personally identify you in its original form, but that we have modified (for instance, by aggregating, anonymizing or de-identifying such information) in order to remove or hide any Personal Information. 

Third Party Service Providers, Affiliates, and Partners 

In order to provide our services and improve FICH of Uganda’s websites, we may obtain information from third parties. For instance, FICH associations program and participant data, and other information from our third-party service providers, affiliates and partners, as such data can improve the accuracy and relevance of marketing.