1 VOICE department meeting

VOICE department held its departmental meeting, key discussion areas included revision of group by-laws, support to Village Savings and Loans Association -VSLA and sharing of field experiences recorded during group visits. In the revised microloan program, the loan duration is extended to 6 months from 4 last year, also the minimum loan amount is UGX200000=. The loan interest has been amended to 10 per cent in 6 months. Unlike in the previous scheme where the interest plus principal was borrowed, the interest won’t be borrowed. It will instead remain in the group as follows, 3% of the loan amount will be put to support education in each village and managed by the Village Education Committee, 5% will be for group investment and development while 2%will be to support leadership and administration in the group. The demand for loans has however increased with most groups expressing interest. Betty Akao in Aloni borrowed UGX. 800,000 last year and requested UGX 3M this year says the low interest and impact of the loan on the community motivated her for more.

Departmental meeting 2 Learning café

The first learning café for the year 2022 took place on Monday on the topic of Work Ethics and Professionalism by Allan Thomas Ogwal. This is meant to steer the staff to work in accordance with set rules and guidelines. Ogwal stressed the need for staff to maintain integrity and a high standard of professionalism while at the workplace and away. Staff acknowledge the need to maintain professional work ethics and conduct.

It is a good idea to include lessons learnt during this learning café on work ethics and professionalism. Wednesday 16th Feb 2022| Janani Luwum Day

Public Holiday in Uganda. FICH staff joined the rest of Ugandans in commemorating St Janani Luwum, a Christian martyr, and the former archbishop of the Anglican Church of Uganda, who is typically regarded as having been murdered on the orders of the then-President Idi Amin.

Thursday 17th Feb 2022 VOICE Group training – Okonyere Kenwa VSLA located in Akongatar C

Okonyere Kenwa Village Savings and Loans Association VSLA group was reviewed to see if they’re suitable for enrolment into the FICH microloan program. The leadership and members were trained on the micro-loan program supported by TCP Global as they prepare to join the micro-loan scheme.

Irene Aroko taking the group through the micro-loan program as they gear toward receiving their first group loan

Friday 19th Feb 2022| Karacel Fellowship (KaF) program announced

The inaugural opportunity; #KaF for graduates to volunteer their time, gain practical work skills and be willing to grow their career at FICH was announced. Click the link below for more information about the program and apply by Feb 27, 2022, https://www.fichuganda.org/jobs/karacel-fellowship-(kaf)-program/karacel-fellowship-(kaf)-program







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