Uplifting education in Northern Uganda through Foundational Literacy and Numeracy: DEPCOT’s Transformative Journey in Kole District

In the heart of Kole District in Northern Uganda, an inspiring journey of community transformation is unfolding through the efforts of Development Path for Community Transformation (DEPCOT), a dedicated Community-Based Organisation. Collaborating hand in hand with the Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH) and receiving vital support from the Grassroot’s Nest for Innovation and Change (GRIC) in Nairobi, Kenya, DEPCOT is spearheading an impactful Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) program in Ayer Sub county.

Primary Three learners at Ilera primary school reading a story book under Literacy

What began as a modest endeavor in four schools has blossomed into a radiant flame of learning across seven educational institutions, including Abur, Ilera, Apii, and Abilonino primary schools. Over the course of just two years, more than 400 eager learners have had their lives enriched by the FLN program, a testament to the power of collaborative partnerships and dedicated action.

Unveiling the FLN Program’s Success Story

Grace Ajwang, a dedicated teacher at Ilera Primary School, sheds light on the program’s inception and progress. It all began with a comprehensive assessment that identified students in need, who were then enrolled in the FLN program. Ajwang proudly speaks of those learners who, through their perseverance and the program’s nurturing environment, demonstrated marked improvements and even graduated from the program. With remedial sessions conducted twice a week and a robust implementation of the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Methodology, Ilera PS is creating a solid foundation for educational success.

Hassan Obong, another devoted teacher at Ilera Primary, stands as an example of love for the program’s remarkable achievements. He finds joy in teaching students who have developed the ability to read, write, and confidently engage in basic mathematics. The transformative impact of the FLN program is undeniable, igniting a passion for education within both students and teachers alike.

Francis Ogwal, the head teacher of Ilera Primary School, bears witness to the transformative impact of the FLN program. He lauds the program’s role in nurturing competencies among lower primary school learners. However, he also highlights a concern about parental engagement, lamenting the reduced enrollment caused by parents withdrawing their children for labor in nearby sand quarries. The challenge of engaging parents deeply in education is a shared struggle, as evidenced by a recent class meeting attended by a mere fraction of the anticipated parents.

L-R: Patrick Ocen GRIC Program Coordinator in Uganda, Daniel Okullu ED DEPCOT and Godfrey DEPCOT P/O Education at the Head teacher’s Office
A Journey with FICH and GRIC

Under the visionary guidance of Daniel Okullu, the Executive Director of DEPCOT, a transformational partnership with FICH and GRIC has been nurtured over two fruitful years. Okullu proudly highlights the tangible growth in DEPCOT’s organizational capacities, noting significant improvements in fundraising, report writing, proposal development, Monitoring and Evaluation, financial management, and accountability. The partnership’s impact on the educational landscape has been profound, with Kole District Local Government commending DEPCOT’s commitment to elevating education outcomes in the district.

Learners together with the Deputy H/T at Ilera PS Kole district pose for a group photo with GRIC and DEPCOT Team

While DEPCOT celebrates its successes, the program’s demands persist, underscoring the importance of continued support. Godfrey Odokonyero, the Program Officer for Education, acknowledges the high demand for the program but acknowledges the resource limitations faced. The geographical challenges affecting mobility to schools are a testament to the organization’s unwavering dedication to overcome obstacles and deliver quality education.

In the heart of Northern Uganda, the DEPCOT FLN program is not just imparting literacy and numeracy; it’s sowing the seeds of hope, determination, and empowerment. Through collaborative partnerships, tireless educators, and a commitment to overcoming challenges, DEPCOT is creating a brighter future for its learners and the entire community.




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