Karacel Bakery and Training Center

Karacel translates to “Together” in the local tribal Lango language. The women who works with Karacel Bakery are provided stable employment that allowed them to save for their goals and provide for their family. They received practical business experience developing, promoting and selling healthy products. Simultaneously, FICH provide trainings in the areas of entrepreneurship, business management, and financial literacy to support the women’s efforts.

karacel bakery

●        Program Particip​ants : Young women seeking to gain              employment and job skills 

●        Content : Teaching women to bake nutritious cake and           bread while also developing their marketability and soft            skills.

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 ​  (+256) 77 288 8599

 ​  Karacel Community Development                Center, Akongatar-Iceme, Oyam,                    Uganda.