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In Northern Uganda, women earn on average only 20,000 UGX ($5.40) per month yet bear the majority of the responsibility of caring for children and relatives. Furthermore, many girls only achieve a primary level of education meaning that as women, many are illiterate and lack the skills required for formal employment. The low-skill but high earning jobs in Northern Uganda are also seen as "men's work." The low-skill work that is deemed appropriate for women is low profit and not highly respected

Solutio n
Karacel empowers women by involving them in the entire process. First, Karacel purchases soya beans from women farmers. Then, the women are employed to make flour, bake bread, and act as sales agents. Finally, 60% of the profits are reinvested in the business and 40% is invested in development programs for women and girls managed by FICH. Throughout the process, Karacel trains participants to become holistic young women through job skills, soft skills, personal, and professional development

Impact Ugandan communities will be home to socially and economically empowered women who are confident, self-reliant, productive, and respected. These women will further boost their local economies by employing others, promoting gender-equality, and leading with purpose. Karacel will also improve women's access to resources empowering them to gain the knowledge they need to provide for their family's education and health. This will lead to greater community health, education, and gender equality.

Donate to Help 150 rural Uganda women with employment skills

This project will assist 30+ Ugandan women to start-up and run Karacel Bakery & Training Center in Northern Uganda. Karacel Bakery & Training Center is women owned and operated business that was founded to give young women the opportunity for meaningful employment, personal growth, and professional development. It also benefits the local community by offering business training and access to nutritious breads made with soya flour that are high in protein and otherwise unavailable on the market.


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