ALive Uganda Summary report

Assessment of Life Skills and
Values in East Africa (ALiVE)
Uganda National Household-Based Assessment

Driven by cutting-edge innovation, the world is
becoming more dynamic and unpredictable. This
presents new political, environmental, and social
challenges. To tackle some of these challenges,
we must also adapt. In this pool of changes, life
skills education is becoming fundamental in preparing
young people for the uncertain world and for the
transformation of our society.

To facilitate this transformative process in the region, the Regional Education Learning Initiative
(RELI) launched the Assessment of Life Skills and Values in East Africa (ALiVE) project with key
objectives of developing a standard framework to measure life skills, raising public awareness,
and strengthening local capacities to assess and nurture life skills and values.

Boot Camp


The LEAD Discovery Bootcamp is designed to maximize its impact by strategically distributing its content on a termly basis, encompassing three terms per year. this structured approach ensures that the girls not only experience academic growth but also develop the skills that make them more employable. Every topic covered is carefully selected to provide the girls with knowledge and understanding that will positively shape their lives.

Our aim is for the girls to become more mindful about their life choices, considering the potential consequences of their decisions. we want them to emerge from the program with a heightened sense of awareness and the ability to navigate life’s challenges. By instilling these crucial life skills, we are empowering them to become responsible individuals capable of making informed choices.