We are Hiring: Assessors | Volunteers Needed for ALiVE assessment in Oyam District 

About ALIVE 

Action for Life Skills and Values in East Africa (ALIVE) is a RELI Africa collaborative initiative that aims to ensure children in East Africa acquire life skills and values in order for them to thrive both during and beyond schooling. Phase 1 of the initiative kicked off in August 2020 with a three-fold target: i) to develop contextualised and open-source tools, and generate large-scale evidence through household-based assessments; ii) to raise awareness among policymakers, teachers, parents, and youth to better understand and focus on values and life skills;  iii)  to strengthen the capacity and amplify the voice of local experts in East Africa on matters of life skills and values. 

Phase 2 of ALiVE (April 2023 – December 2025) focuses on enhancing the capacity of education systems to focus on life skills and values (Pedagogy, curriculum, and assessments), collaboratively develop/adapt contextualised assessment tools for 6–17-year-olds, generate evidence by conducting assessments and collating evidence from other life skills approaches (both in assessments and nurturing); then use the evidence for learning and public policy advocacy

As we gear up for the upcoming assessment in Oyam, Foundational for Inclusive Community Help, Uwezo Uganda and Luigi Giusani Foundation seek suitably qualified candidates to conduct ALiVE Assessment in Oyam District from 3rd to 5th May 2024


Are you experienced in conducting ALiVE Assessments? We’re looking for: 

  • Proficient individuals with a history of ALiVE Assessments. 
  • Minimum academic qualification: A’level. 
  • Energetic and willing to work long hours. 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with strong moral character. 
  • Ability to use a smartphone. 
  • Letter of good standing from LC1 and a former teacher or religious leader. 
List of Villages to be sampled. Assessors should come from this villages or nearby Villages

Encouraging Applications: 

We encourage females and teacher trainees who meet the criteria to apply. 

Application Deadline: April 25th, 2024 

Submit your application and CV to: fichuganda@gmail.com | info@fichuganda.org 

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  1. I’m very happy of FICH being One of the Organization in Oyam for their hospitality and mentorship you are giving to us youths in Oyam I there for wish you success in achieving your goal and mission planned.

  2. I am so happy to find myself in this amazing website which i have used to admired to work with them. Please find my attached copy of my email address to get more information regarding the requirements for your jobs and vacancy in your website. Thank you.

  3. Am a second year student at Lira University pursuing Bachelor of computer Education.Am from Kutodingo village, Amukugungu parish, Otwal sub county, 2km from Anyomolyec Parish.I would to know if I can also apply.Thank you.

  4. I believe the activity will make the adolescence be the people who knows what they are doing.
    Differentiate what is good and bad

  5. I had been yearning to work with this organization so much in order to grow my career, experience above all I’m very passionate when it comes to teamwork

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