EmpowerED Future: Six GRiC Uganda partners retooled on the PE&E manual

previously, less than 30 percent of parents visited the school for reasons beyond paying fees and attending PTA meetings

Foundation of Inclusive Community Help (FICH), with support from Grassroots Nest for Innovation and Change (GRiC), successfully retooled teachers and program managers of GRiC-FICH Uganda partners at the Genade Comfort Hotel in Lira City. This training aims to equip schools, teachers, and program managers with the skills to effectively use the Parental Engagement and Empowerment (PEE) Manual to engage parents through meetings, home visits, and other initiatives.

Participants demonstrate implementation of the PE&E module

The training included partners such as Arua Youth Development Initiative (AYDI), Community Focus International (CFI), Development Path for Community Transformation (DEPCOT), Growth Care Uganda (GCU), Saving Aids Foundation (SAF), and FICH.

Ricky Ojok, the PEE master trainer, highlighted that the PEE Manual has a proven impact on promoting parental engagement in their children’s education. By making parents active stakeholders, each organization will develop plans to integrate this model, mobilizing and changing parental attitudes towards education.

Felix Ogwang, Senior Program Manager from SAF, shared insights from their earlier pilot of the PEE module. He noted increases in student enrollment and reduced absenteeism in their schools. Additionally, parental provision of scholastic materials has greatly improved. “SAF is building linkages with school structures like PTAs and SMCs to sustain the program even after SAF’s direct involvement ends. They also engage community leaders to spread the message and improve rural education outcomes”.

Jolly Godfrey Odokonyero, who leads the education program at DEPCOT, reported positive responses from parents after the initial training. More parents are now visiting schools, and PTAs and SMCs have invited DEPCOT to support PEE initiatives, resulting in increased involvement from male parents in their children’s education.

Ngole Polly Grace, a teacher at Barmindyang Primary School in Kole District, appreciated the training. She noted that previously, less than 30 percent of parents visited the school for reasons beyond paying fees and attending PTA meetings.

Patrick Ocen, GRiC Uganda Program Coordinator, emphasized the ongoing commitment to community empowerment. “We need to continue empowering our community,” Ocen said. “We shall continue to support partners to ensure our parents are empowered and actively engaged in the learning of our children.”

Patrick Ocen, GRIC Program Coordinator in Uganda, addressing the participants on the PE&E module


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  1. It was a very imactful training, as one of the ED’s who full participated I realized the training turned to be a moment of change in my life. Otherwise DEPCOT sends you greetings.

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