Expanding Horizons: Karacel Community Library Enriched by a Donation of Over 150 Books

Oyam District, Akongatar: Karacel Community Library (KCL), located within the serene environment of Angweta Parish in Iceme sub-county, has experienced a remarkable boost in its mission to foster learning and knowledge in Oyam District. The library recently received a significant donation of over 150 books, a gift that echoes the essence of education and growth.

Angweta PS Learners, Winnie Aol the librarian, Daniel Aremo and Greg Ripke Peace Corps Volunteer hold sample of the books donated to KCL

This remarkable contribution has expanded KCL’s available books to a staggering 1200+ books, catering to readers of all ages and interests. Lower primary learners, in particular, are set to benefit immensely from this thoughtful donation, as their reading horizons broaden and their dreams take flight.

The driving force behind this generous donation is none other than Daniel Aremo, a dedicated GRIC Fellow associated with FICH. During a profound handover ceremony, Aremo highlighted the transformative power of education. He emphasized that quality education not only equips children with essential skills but also empowers them to shape their individual destinies and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Daniel Aremo

Winnie Aol, the passionate librarian at KCL, expressed her deep gratitude for Aremo’s invaluable support. She underscored the timeliness of the donation, particularly for the lower primary section, where resources had been relatively scarce. Aol extended a heartfelt call to action, inviting other kind-hearted individuals, authors, and benefactors to join hands in contributing to the library’s growing collection.

Established in 2022, after a generous book donation by Susan Block (FICH Board member), Karacel Community Library has swiftly evolved into a vibrant hub of knowledge and discovery. Beyond its rich assortment of books, the library offers essential services like internet access, printing, and photocopying, further enhancing its role as a vital community asset.

Learners together with the Librarian Winnie Aol could not hold their excitement upon receipt of the books

As KCL continues its mission to bridge educational gaps and promote learning, the library’s aspirations extend beyond its physical space. With a vision of reaching even more eager minds, plans are underway to establish reading tents and a mobile library, thus ensuring that knowledge knows no boundaries and is easily accessible to all.

In the heart of Oyam district, Karacel Community Library stands not only as a testament to the power of generosity but also as a beacon of hope and possibility. With each page turned, each mind inspired, and each dream ignited, the library’s impact ripples through generations, forever shaping a brighter future.







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  1. Opio Tadeo Avatar
    Opio Tadeo

    I also want to join hand to appreciate Daniel Aremo for what he did for the betterment of our learners and the community as well.
    Thanks so much, may the good Lord bless you abundantly.

  2. Susan Block Avatar
    Susan Block

    So happy to hear this news!
    Congratulations on growing the library.
    Susan Block

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