Expanding Horizons: Karacel Community Library Enriched by a Donation of Over 150 Books

Oyam district witnessed a remarkable moment as Karacel Community Library (KCL), located in the heart of Akongatar’s Angweta Parish, Iceme sub-county, welcomed an inspiring donation of more than 150 books. The attention is now on KCL as the generosity of the donor, Daniel Aremo, a dedicated GRIC fellow associated with FICH, has propelled the library’s mission of fostering inclusive education and empowerment.

This substantial donation has significantly elevated the library’s literary treasures, boosting its collection to a grand total of over 1200 books, catering to a diverse readership encompassing adults, children, and researchers alike. The infusion of these new volumes, particularly targeting lower primary learners, reaffirms KCL’s commitment to nurturing young minds and providing them with the tools to envision a bright future.

Learners showcase some of the books donated by Daniel Aremo

As he handed over the books to the librarian, Winnie Aol, he shared “These resources are pathways to opportunities that empower children both personally and within their community.” Aremo emphasized that education kindles aspirations, allowing young minds to dream big and reach for the stars.

Winnie Aol, a driving force behind the KCL operation, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Aremo for his invaluable support. She highlighted the timely nature of this donation, addressing a significant gap in the collection, particularly for lower primary learners. Aol extended an appeal to fellow well-wishers, authors, and individuals blessed with access to knowledge to consider contributing to the library’s growing literary treasure trove.

Karacel Community Library, started in 2022, stands as a knowledge link, a cornerstone for the communities surrounding FICH and local schools. In its endeavor to empower learning, the library goes beyond books, offering internet services, printing, and photocopying facilities to facilitate daily operations. With a vision that stretches even further, KCL seeks supporters who can champion additional components such as reading tents and mobile libraries, expanding its reach and making knowledge an accessible companion for all.

The story of Karacel Community Library resonates as a testament to the profound impact a collective commitment to education and learning can achieve. It showcases how a community united by knowledge can inspire young dreamers, nurture inquisitive minds, and build bridges to a brighter tomorrow.


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