Peace Corps Uganda and USAID Visit Oyam District to Witness Collaboration Impact

A team from Peace Corps Uganda and USAID recently visited Oyam District to observe the positive effects of small grants administered through the Peace Corps Uganda office. Their visit highlighted several key initiatives aimed at improving health and nutrition among rural communities.

USAID &Peace Corps in Akongatar checking the performance of NARO beans

One major focus was the distribution of orange flesh sweet potato vines and iron-rich beans, both aimed at combating malnutrition. The team was impressed by the successful cultivation of NARO 1 and 6 beans in Akongagtar B Village, Angweta Parish, Iceme Sub-County. These beans, known for their early maturity and drought resistance, were thriving and community members expressed enthusiasm about the promising yields and their plans to continue planting them.

Additionally, the team reviewed the distribution of mosquito nets to nine health facilities and selected women’s groups in Oyam District. These nets are crucial in protecting expectant mothers and young children, who are particularly vulnerable to malaria. Joel Kisubi, a malaria specialist from PMI-USAID, was pleased to see effective net usage in Ajalo Village, Iceme Sub-County. He noted that the community’s reduced malaria cases have allowed families to allocate more resources to other needs.

Greg Ripke-PCV examines the beans that was distributed to women groups to improve nutrition

Greg Ripke, a Peace Corps Volunteer at FICH, urged continued support for women’s empowerment through practical skills training in areas such as baking, liquid soap making, and tailoring. He also encouraged communities to consume and replant the high-yield beans rather than selling them, emphasizing the quick two-month maturation period.

In Ajalo the team inspected the net usage

This visit confirmed the success of food security initiatives and malaria prevention efforts in Oyam District in collaboration with Peace Corps Uganda and USAID. The team pledged to continue working together to see a thriving and self reliant communities in northern Uganda

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