EmpowerED Future: School Leaders Converge to Enhance Learning Outcomes

In a concerted effort to elevate educational standards and foster parental engagement, the Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH) recently organized an inception meeting as part of its EmpowerED Future initiative. More than 20 school management committees, Parents Teachers Associations (PTAs), school head teachers, and foundation representatives gathered at Akwangi Primary School in Oyam District to collaboratively strategize on enhancing learning outcomes in selected primary schools.

School leaders during the engagement meeting at Akwangi PS in Oyam district

Santo Oluk, a retired head teacher and chairperson of the School Management Committee at Lelaolok Primary School, recalled the previous era that is 60th and 80th where education flourished despite resource constraints. He advocated for the reintroduction of practical life skills topics such as art and craft and agriculture to equip learners with holistic competencies.

Patrick Okello, chairperson of the PTA at Aloni Primary School, resounded the need for unity and collaboration, urging development partners to unite with FICH in championing equitable learning outcomes across all schools, regardless of location.

Victoria Harriet Anyango, the program manager for Education (LEAD), emphasized the importance of proactive leadership in effecting positive changes within schools. Encouraging school leaders to devise comprehensive work plans, she emphasized the necessity of continuous engagement with parents, with or without FICH’s involvement, to foster a culture of active participation in their children’s education.

The vision of FICH’s Parental Engagement and Empowerment initiative is to cultivate proactive parents who are mindful of their roles and responsibilities in nurturing better learning outcomes for learners.

The stakeholder’s meeting served as a platform for collective reflection and action, reaffirming FICH’s commitment to driving positive change in education. As school leaders and stakeholders unite in their resolve to prioritize parental empowerment and engagement and holistic learning approaches, the foundation for a more inclusive, equitable and empowered educational landscape is laid.

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