FICH January Newsletter: More Impact Great Vision

As we reflect on January milestones in this Newsletter, FICH has been lively with activity, representing our commitment to holistic community development. Among the Newsletter highlights:

  • Celebrating Love and Commitment: In a heartwarming celebration of love, one of our honored staff members exchanged vows with his beloved partner, marking a joyous union and reaffirming the values of love and companionship within our FICH Family.
  • Education: The Teaching at the Right Level retooling exercise moved throughout partner schools in Northern Uganda, reaffirming our dedication to enhancing educational outcomes and nurturing a generation of empowered learners.
  • Inspiring Life Skills Development: At the Atapara LEAD Discovery Bootcamp, we proudly witnessed the graduation of 120 exceptional girls, symbolizing a milestone in their journey towards leadership, empowerment, and impact.


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  1. I love the work and activities of FICH. The activities of FICH have affirmed the position of our community girl child that through the life skills lesson taught to the Lead girls during the discovery boot camp have never left them the same. Even after their education cycle the soft life skills have empowered the girl child forever.

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